The KyoAni arson fire may have happened back in late July, but around 34 of the studio’s workers are still in the hospital, suffering major burns and other injuries. However, it seems that these 34 workers are now out of the danger zone. Kyodo News has reported that a source from the investigation has told them that they’re not in Life-Threatening Conditions anymore.

© Koji Ooji / Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi Town Support Association

The recovering KyoAni employees are now slowly recovering, though there’s no word on their release from the hospital yet.

The Asahi Shimbun previously reported that seven of them, all women, were still undergoing treatment as of 6th September. Three of whom were in critical condition, while one was in serious condition. But with this new information, it seems that they’re already out of danger.

We continue to pray for the recovery of these individuals.