Looks like Esports is getting closer to the Olympics than many of you may think. This is because during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event, Capcom just announced the Intel World Open Esports event. It will be a lead-up to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. It will feature Street Fighter V and Rocket League, with a total prize pool of US$500,000! That is US$250,000 for each of the two games.

According to the Tokyo Game Show announcement, ANYONE can join in. It aims to cultivate Esports to the global stage, and even the Olympics!

In fact, IOC sports director Kit McConnel has said:

“We are excited Intel is bringing the Intel World Open esports tournament to Japan in the lead up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.  As we explore the engagement between esports and the Olympic Movement we are looking forward to learning from this event and continuing to engage with the passionate esports community from around the world.”

Qualifiers will begin in early 2020, with a live qualifying event in Katowice, Poland happening in June. The World Open itself will be happening in Tokyo as a lead up to the Olympic games itself. It is scheduled to happen from 22nd-24th July 2020. So what are you waiting for?! Start practising and maybe you can represent your country next year!

source: Capcom Livestream and esports Insider