Malaysian studio Metronomik is producing a new game titled No Straight Roads. And during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event, they recently unveiled a new trailer for the game. There, the Malaysian-produced game also revealed that Ayane Sakura voicing the character named Mayday, while Jun Fukuyama is voicing Zuke.

As the trailer reveals, Mayday is a guitarist, while Zuke is a drummer. Both are playable characters within the game.

No Straight Roads is a game set in a world where EDM has completely taken over, and all other genres of music are banned. EDM has also taken over politically, so rebellious rockers, Mayday and Zuke, rise up to fight the power!

Metronomik co-founder, CEO, and creative director Wan Hazmer previously worked as a lead game designer on Final Fantasy XV. Meanwhile, Jarold Sng previously worked on Gravity Rush 2, while Idir Ould Braham also previously worked for Square Enix. Together, they formed Metronomik, with their debut game being No Straight Roads. The game itself will be released for the PlayStation 4.