The recent unrest in Hong Kong has been escalating recently, which even led to the airport shutting down. And now, the political unrest has even affected artistes visiting the country on tours. Unfortunately for Hong Kong fans, one of those who cancelled their recent Hong Kong concerts is seiyuu Nana Mizuki.


She was supposed to perform in the city’s Kitec Star Hall on 26th October. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, citing problems regarding the venue and possibility of other unforeseen events. However, the Naruto and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha seiyuu did state her desire to perform in the city in the “not so distant future”.

Those who purchased their tickets will get refunded. The ones who paid online via credit card will get their refund within 45 business days, while her website promised to post refund instructions for those who purchased through cash.

Hopefully, she can finally return when the recent unrest cools down.

source: Nana Mizuki’s official website