As we all know by now, the characters of One Piece are anything but normal. But what if they were ordinary Japanese high schoolers? Well, Nissin has teamed up with Shaft and One Piece to explore that possibility. This is all part of their Hungry Days campaign for Nissin Cup Noodles.

In the commercial, Nami is a hardworking high school girl who is 17-years-old and has a part-time job. She also dreams of becoming a navigator one day.

Eisaku Kubonouchi (Tsurumoku Dokushinryo) designed the characters over at Shaft. Meanwhile, BUMP OF CHICKEN performed the theme song, “Kinen Satsuei“, which was also featured in Zoro‘s version.

Previously, Nissin explored what might Zoro be like as a normal high schoolboy. The noodle brand plans to release more One Piece characters as normal high school students in the future.

Other Nissin “Hungry Days” collaborations include Sazae-san, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and even the Hollywood film, Armageddon.