The infamous Gen Urobuchi, known to fans as the Urobutcher, is one of Japan’s most infamous storytellers. He is quite infamous for his brutality, killing off characters in such a brutal fashion, and then often ending anime in bleak despair. And now, it seems that he’s working on something.

His boss and friend, as well as Nitroplus president Digitarou teased fans on Twitter about old Urobutcher’s next work. He says that it is tentatively titled “Project O,” and it will be a “Hardcore Mecha”.

In that same tweet, Digitarou also talked about a new generation of young up and coming developers at Nitroplus. He says that they’re working on a 3D shooting action game for PC that they’ve tentativelu titled as “Project D”. He also added and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is getting a spinoff, as well as a collaboration project with Tokyo Necro. He also announced that DRAMAtical Murder will also have a 2.5D stage adaptation, and they will be revealing more about these projects on 10th September, during the “Nitro Super Sonic 20th Anniversary” concert.

Gen “Urobutcher” or “The Butcher” Urobuchi is an infamous visual novel and anime writer. He worked on Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica, Psycho Pass, and many more. He is infamous for killing off beloved characters in a brutal fashion, as well as adding some sick plot twists.

Source: Digitarou’s Twitter account