One Piece Stampede is now out, and social media has been up in arms because of a few people who posted images of the film while inside the theater.

The posts have prompted Singapore-based film distributor, Odex, to issue a statement about the people posting images such as the ones above on social media. They posted the message on all their local accounts for Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Their post reads:

Dear all
It has come to our attention that someone has posted on YouTube a video clip from ONE PIECE STAMPEDE movie, we have traced the leak to be from the Philippines’s cinema.
We have painstakingly re-build the trust with Japanese copyright owners with a clean slate since the 2017 cinema video recording incident, now our anime community have taken another beating on credibility.
We need your help to stop video recording in the cinemas.
Our South East Asia anime cinema ticket sales is tiny compared to countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, USA and Europe. If there are more and more video leaks from cinemas in South East Asia, Japanese copyright owners will have no second thoughts to cut us off completely so as to protect their big markets.
The actions of a few inconsiderate people who just want to show off that they are watching the movie could lead to dire consequences. Not only the perpetrator may land in jail or get fined, but the rest of us will see the end of anime movie releases in South East Asia.
Please help spread the word and if you see someone recording the movie with their handphone, please tell them to stop and delete it.
If the person refuse to delete the video recorded, please inform the cinema staff.
Video recording in cinema is a criminal offence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, & the Philippines.
With your help, we will be able to continue putting up the best anime movies in our local cinemas.
Please message us in Facebook if you find video clips of ODEX anime movies being taken from cinema.

The posts mainly came from the Philippines, though there were also reportedly posts coming from Singapore and Malaysia, all three of which also had a history of leaks and people recording films in cinemas.

Reports of people posting the entire film on Facebook were also popping up, with the posters mostly taking down the videos after the retribution from others.

However, the most infamous of all were from the Filipino gamer and streamer Akosi Dogie, who posted a video of the film to his Facebook page. The streamer took down the video after much backlash. He did defend himself, stating that he only posted the video “to hype up the Filipino fans about the movie, It’s free promotion for them. and the clip he posted can also seen in the trailer of the movie. He only did it to show love to the anime community.”. However, he received even more backlash following that statement.

Akosi Dogie is quite famous in Philippine gaming circles, particularly in the Mobile Legends gaming community. And because he is well know, it is possible that Toei, which animated One Piece Stampede, as well as Odex, would be suing him. According to Facebook page Pinoy Gaming Realm, “Toei Animation has already been made aware of this and they are deeply saddened of what some of the Filipino fans did”. They also added that he “might have to pay 750,000 pesos and get imprisoned for up to 6 years if Toei Animation and SM Cinema decided to file a case against him”. SM Cinema had exclusive rights to show One Piece Stampede in the country.