The cute teasing war between Takagi and Nishikata continued this season with Season 2 of Teasing Master Takagi-san. And now, it seems that the manga is planning a VR anime, and they even launched a crowdfunding campaign via Makuake. The project aims to raise 15 million yen.

The crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise 15 million yen for the VR animation project. The campaign is now open, and it will be open until 10th October 2019. They are planning to release it via the Oculus Rift platform. Here is a sample:

1,000 yen will get backers a thank you message, while 3,000 yen will get them clear files, stickers, and can badges. Those who pledge 7,000 yen will get the 3,000 yen package plus a T-shirt, while those who pledhe 10,000 yen will get all of that plus a thank you video, their name on the end credits, and the script of the anime. 40,000 yen backers will also get an additional framed key visual, while 98,000 yen backers will also get an additional Oculus Quest set, and an exclusive Takagi QUEST case. The biggest prize is 2,500,000 yen, which will give them a life-size model of Takagi herself!

In the VR anime, users will be getting the viewpoint of Nishikata while Takagi teases him. It will also recreate several scenes from both the anime and the manga, as well as several scenes of the two going home together and going to the beach.

source: Makuake