Wedding bells are in the air for mangaka Shuuichi Asou and idol Mirin Furukawa. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. mangaka Shuuichi Asou marries Dempagumi Inc. Idol Mirin Furukawa. The couple announced their marriage on Twitter, with Asou releasing an illustration of his new bride with Saiki, while Furukawa released a handwritten message.

The two met thanks to the anime adaptations of the Saiki K. manga. Furukawa is part of, which of course performed the anime’s OP song, “Sai Psi Sai Kouchō!“. They also performed the first season’s ED song, “Psi desu I LIKE YOU“, as well as the Season 2 ED song, “Psihakkenden“. In addition, Asou also illustrated the idol group’s 2018 single, “Oyasumi Polaris Sayonara Parallel World/Girametas Dempa Stars” jacket artwork.

We wish the new couple best of luck in their marriage, and congratulations!