During the recent Crunchyroll Expo event in the United States, the Shield Hero panel dropped a huge bombshell! They announced that The Rising of the Shield Hero isn’t just getting a second season, but a third one as well! They also unveiled a brand new key visual:

According to Crunchyroll, the new visual teases the “next stage” of the story. Unfortunately, the event did not reveal any further details for the anime as of writing.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is certainly one of 2019’s hottest anime. And getting not just a second season, but also a third one confirms just how much people want to see the story continue.

The anime adapts Aneko Yusagi’s hit light novels series, which follows Naofumi, a gamer who gets transported into an alternate world where he becomes the Shield Hero. Unfortunately, his only party member abandoned him, and the other heroes disdain him. The royalty also treats him like trash, unlike the other summoned heroes. Because of that, he must learn to survive on his own.

source: Crunchyroll