YuruYuri is a unique kind of moe anime… and it’s also a unique kind of yuri/shoujo-ai anime as well. And as the franchise celebrates its 10th (yes, 10th) anniversary, they are releasing a brand new OVA! The staff have now released a new PV for said 10th anniversary OVA as well:

The new anime will come in Blu-ray format and will be released on 13th November. There’s also a crowdfunding campaign for additional perks and more for the OVA’s release as well.

Shinkalion assistant director Daigo Yamagishi will be making his directorial debut for the new OVA. He will be working alongside RELEASE THE SPYCE writer Takahiro, who will be penning the script. Lay-duce will be animating the new project, taking over for Doga KOBO and TYO Animations.