When it comes to Japan’s most revered mangaka, Osamu Tezuka is one of the biggest names out there. The mangaka behind Astro Boy has created countless classics, and his genius can never be replicated. However, Toshiba’s Kioxia is seeking to do just that… with an A.I.

In particular, Kioxia is combining high-speed and high-capacity memory with A.I. technology, and this A.I. will then try to make its own “Osamu Tezuka” based on the mangaka’s art and storytelling patterns. The Ai.I. itself will use Tezuka’s previous manga as basis for this new work. In other words, they’re promising that this new manga would be as if Tezuka himself wrote and drew the manga.

The manga is only just the first part of Kioxia’s larger “Sekai Shin Kioku” (The World’s New Memories) project. It aims to show the ability of A.I. memory in order to enrich the world.

So, could this A.I. really create a manga as if it was made by the great Osamu Tezuka? Well, looks like we’ll be finding out in February 2020, because Kioxia plans to showcase their results around that time.

Source: Oricon News