2.5D stage adaptations, which are stage adaptations of anime, manga, and video games, are hot in Japan right now. And with that, Bushiroad is heavily investing in theatre. In fact, they’ve invested in the Gekidan Hikousen theater troupe based in Kawasaki city, purchasing 14.5% of the stock in the troupe’s parent company, Sopratico Co., Ltd., for 33,350,000 yen.

Bushiroad released a statement regarding their invested, stating that they did that so they can develop more stage plays which adapt many of their properties. They previously launched they Revue Starlight multimedia franchise in 2017, and it blends elements of anime and stage plays. But it ain’t just their own properties that this partnership will be adapting, as Bushiroad also plans to adapt other companies’ works as well.

The statement also discussed the troupe’s history as well. Gekidan Hikousen has a long history, launching back in September 2016. The troupe has been performing 2.5D musicals, and has merged with Eigeki in 2016.

source: Bushiroad