When you’re hungry, you are not yourself sometimes. And Snickers has used that fact in their commercials so much that people have used it in memes.

Now, the candy bar has teamed up with Attack on Titan for a new line of commercials called Attack on Celebrity. They will team up with a new celebrity each week and turn them into titans… only for their hunger to be tamed by a Snickers bar. The first one features Dewi Sukarno, the wife of Indonesia’s very first president, Sukarno, who is also a celebrity in Japan.

Snickers will release new commercials every now and then, and each one with a different celebrity. Right now, they haven’t revealed who the second one will be.

As for the video itself, it also happens to be the very first video for Snickers Japan’s new YouTube channel. And it looks like we should expect them to reveal who will be the next celebrity to appear as a titan soon enough.

source: Comic Natalie