MaPlus is teaming up with Ghost in the Shell for a very special collaboration project. And this time, they’re making a new GPS. But not just any GPS, as the Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex is inspiring it.

It’s part of MaPlus’s company’s “Chara de Navi” line, which uses voices from various characxters and celebrities, including NMB48 idols, as well as Re:Zero characters, as GPS voice banks.

The app boasts a futuristic skin to really feel like Ghost in the Shell. It also uses a Tachikoma sprite to mark your position. In addition, seiyuu Sakiko Tamagawa, who voiced the original Tachikoma, is providing the GPS’s voice lines. And yes, the Tachikoma are pretty talkative, so expect this GPS to talk a lot as well.

They’re releasing it as an add-on to the MaPlus app, and fans can now purchase it in Japan.

Source: Anime! Anime!