The 46th issue of this year’s Morning Magazine has some sad news for fans of Natsumi Eguchi’s Hozuki’s Coolheadedness (Hozuki no Reitetsu) manga. According to its latest announcement, the manga itself is ending in five chapters.

The announcement also stated thet they will be shipping the 31st and final volume on 21st August 2020. The announcement also came with the manga’s Chapter 267.

The manga has already inspired several anime adaptations, including three TV anime seasons and several OVAs. Here’s how Kodansha describes the manga in English:

In the afterlife, there exists Heaven and Hell. Hell consists of the Eight Greater Hells and the Eight Cold Hells, which are further divided into 272 subdivisions. Spearheading the seemingly endless, multifarious affairs in this gargantuan Hell is but one Fierce God, King Enma’s first aide, Hozuki. Between this cool-headed sadist and his colorful band of peers, every day is a riot in Hell! And though this book might make Hell seem like a happening place, please try to behave during life!

Source: Morning’s Twitter account