When it comes to thieves, Arsene Lupin III is one of the most stylish ones out there. And with the release of his very first 3DCG film, Lupin the First, Lupin and his friends have teamed up for a very stylish collaboration with Italian fashion brand Dunhill.

Dunhill released the visual above, and it features the Lupin gang’s male members sporting clothes from the company’s Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. Lupin wears a walnut dash print, while Jigen is sporting a pinstripe three-piece suit and of course, a fedora. Finally, Goemon decided to get a more modern look with a black 3-piece suit. The company’s official Japanese website is presenting all their outfits online.

In the film, Lupin is teaming up with a woman named Leticia to steal a treasure known as the Bresson Diary. The treasure is really significant, as the original Arsène Lupin could not even steal it.

Live-action Chihayafuru actress Suzu Hirose will be voicing Leticia in the film. Meanwhile, Koutarou Yoshida is voicing a character named Lambert, as well as Tatsuya Fujiwara, who’ll be voicing Geralt.

Takashi Yamazaki (Stand By Me Doraemon) will be directing the film. It also revealed that it will open in Japanese theatres starting 6th December 2019. Unfortunately, this will also be the first Lupin III film since creator Monkey Punch passed away last April. However, the mangaka does know about the film project and even released a message that he was excited to see a fresh take on his characters. He released the message on October 2018, a few months before his passing. Sadly, he will never get to see the film completed.

The anime film premieres in Japan on 6th December this year.