MIYAVI ‘s song “Other Side” has been selected as the ending theme for the TV anime “ID: INVADED” that will start broadcasting in 2020. “ID: INVADED” is a sci-fi mystery directed by Ei Aoki, known for the “Fate / Zero” and “Sky Boundaries” series. The song “Other Side” from MIYAVI’s latest album “NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO” was first released in July.

ID: Invaded is set to premiere in 2020. Novelist Otaro Maijo is set to pen the script, with Daisuke Mataga (Grimoire of Zero) signed on as main animator. Kenjiro Tsuda (Fire Force) will voice Sakaido.

ID: Invaded follows the story of Sakaido, a detective who finds himself tasked with unraveling the murder of Kaeru, a young girl who was fatally stabbed. It becomes apparent that the unconventional physical rules of the new world aren’t limited to buildings or roads. Throughout the trailer, Sakaido’s body is shown in various states of disconnection.