During the “âge 20th Anniversary broadcast [still breathing]” livestream presentation, the game developer behind the Muv-Luv franchise has teased a new animation project for their Muv-Luv Alternative visual novels. Images from the event teased an upcoming , “Muv-Luv Alternative in Animation” project, and the franchise’s official English Twitter Account retweeted several images from the announcement.

image via @wizism

In addition to the animation project, âge staff also announced a new Muv-Luv Alternative sequel project titled “Muv-Luv Integrate”. The project’s title is still tentative, but the company revealed that Kouki Yoshimune is in charge of the project. In fact, he’s heading the new project’s planning, mechanical designs, and even parts of the scenario. They also revealed that ut will be a “true sequel” to Muv-Luv Alternative, though they did not reveal what sort of media it will be.

Finally, there’s also the seperate Muv-Luv franchise project known as “Project Mikhail”. It will be an action game for the PC and mobile devices, and they’re releasing in in Japanese, English, and Chinese languages in 2020. It will have players use Tactical Surface Fighters (TSFs) for battle, and even customise them. The staff also mentioned that it will be using a subscription model, rather than it being pay-to-win.

Source: Muv-Luv official English Twitter account