Re:Zero is getting a second OVA, and it will tell us about how Emilia met Puck. And now, the staff have revealed a new trailer for this upcoming OVA, which is also getting a theatrical release.

The video announces that the OVA will hit theatres in Japan on 8th November. It also teases a few scenes from the anime, particularly Puck and Emilia’s first time meeting one another.

But before that 8th November premiere, the anime will be holding a special screening for the OVA on 2nd November. It will happen at the Cinema Grand Sunshine in Ikebukuro, with seiyuu Yusuke Kobayashi (Subaru Natsuki), Rie Takahashi (Emilia), and Yumi Uchiyama (Puck) doing a special live talk show after the screening.

Finally, the staff also revealed that nonoc is performing the anime’s new theme song, titled Yuki no hate ni kimi no na o. She previously performed the theme songs “Relive” and “White White Snow’” for the first OVA, Memory Snow.

SourceComic Natalie