What if a human somehow got stuck in a school full of animals? What if that school only teaches survival lessons, from hunting to evading predators? And what if that human really hates animals? Well, that is the premise of Bungo Yamashita’s Murenase! Seton Gakuen manga. And now, Cygames revealed a new video announcing that a TV anime adaptation for the series has been green-lit!

Kenjiro Tsuda will be part of the anime, and he’s gonna be voicing every single male animal in each episode. The anime also announced that it’s partnering with various zoos, parks, aquariums, and even cat cafes. These include Kyushu Nature Animal Park African Safari, Gunma Safari Park, Chiba City Animal Park, Tennoji Zoo, Tōbu Animal Park, Nagoya City Higashiyama Zoo, Cat Café Kyariko, and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

The Romcom manga is set in a school for animals. There, a lone animal-hating human boy gets enrolled. There, he meets his class’s only wolf girl.

There’s still no release window yet, so we will be finding out more about this new anime in the future.