The Early Wing Official website, as well as the Arts Vision Official website have both announced that their talents have tied the knot with one another. The talents in question are seiyuu Ryota Ohsaka and Manami Numakura.

Ohsaka also made an announcement in his own official website, and also released a statement. He says that he’s a private person, but he proudly announced his marriage to Manami Numakura. He says he will devote himself to his new bride, and also added that they promised to respect each other.

Fans might know Ohsaka from his role as Maou Sadao in The Devil is a Part-Timer!. He also voices Nariyuki Yuiga in BOKUBEN as well. Meanwhile, his wife, Manami Numakura, voices Hibiki Ganaha from The [email protected], as well as Yurika Toudou from Aikatsu! We wish them well in their new life together.

source: Oricon