In her Twitter page, seiyuu Hitomi Harada said that she had a huge health scare last year. The Senran Kagura seiyuu admitted to having a chronic health condition, and that was the cause of her health scare. And in a follow-up tweet, she did reassure her fans that she is feeling better now as she has received some medical treatment.

Her condition actually got her out of trouble from the NHK. In Japan, if you own a television set, you have to pay the NHK for service. However, Harada says she doesn’t have a TV in her house, yet the broadcaster insists that her house has a history of “receiving TV transmissions”. And this has led to her admission that her condition has forced her not to own a TV. Her treatment costs her millions of yen per month, so she doesn’t own a TV anymore.

Hitomi Harada is best known for her roles as Mizuki Himeji in Baka to Test, Nori in Hidamari Sketch, Erena Mochizuki in Girlfriend (Beta), and of course, Asuka in Senran Kagura.

source: Hitomi Harada’s Twitter page