Sora no Method was an autumn 2014 anime which focused on a small Japanese town with a UFO in its sky. And now, that very anime is making a huge comeback with the release of a special “Episode 17”. They released the anime online via YouTube. Unfortunately, the video does not have English subtitles.

The original TV anime only had 13 episodes, with the OVA released in the anime’s Vol. 7 Blu-ray release acting as the 16th episode. But why is this new anime listed as “Episode 17”, you ask? Well, Producer Takayuki Nagatani previously stated that the anime’s OP and ED count as episodes 14 and 15. Go figure.

As for the new episode itself, it introduces a new character Carol, voiced by Marika Kouno.

The original story TV anime premiered in October 2014, and it follows a girl named Nonoka, who goes home to her hometown to find a UFO floating above it. She meets her old childhood friends again, remembering each one… except for a mysterious girl named Noel, who has a connection with the UFO floating above town.

New episode is officially listed as "Episode 17" for the anime