Fuji TV’s boys love anime label BLUE LYNX has now announced their next BL anime project, which will be an anime film. It will be adapting Kii Kanna’s Umibe no Étranger / L’étranger du plage manga, and they also released a teaser trailer and visual for it:

Shoudensha’s boys love anthology magazine onBLUE serialised the manga from 2013-2014 and has a one-volume tankoubon release, as well as an ongoing sequel series titled Harukaze no Étranger. The film will follow a high school student named Mio Chibana, who would later meet a rookie novelist named Shun Hashimoto in an island in Okinawa. The two get close, but would later have to separate. But three years later, they would meet again.

The manga serves as Kii Kanna’s debut manga. However, the mangaka has previously worked as an animator herself. She is now serving not only as project supervisor for the film, but character designer as well. Meanwhile, Akiyo Ohashi is directing the anime over at Studio Hibari.

Source: Umibe no Étranger official website