Collab Japan is putting a twist on the classic Ukyo-e art print by Hiroshige, which is known as “Sudden Shower over Shin-Ōhashi bridge and Atake,” which is part of the “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo series”. The twist adds a very familiar robotic blue cat from the future and his friends. Yes folks, that Doraemon twist on a classic piece of art will be put on sale, and it won’t be cheap…

The print uses traditional and meticulous Edo-period techniques of hand-crafting and painting. They also made it special paper, which was made by the ninth generation living national treasure Iwano Ichibee himself. So it is no surprise that one piece will cost 50,500 yen.

And now, The Tokyo dub Gallery Channel has started streaming anew video which shows the process of making the wood blocks to print these works of art.

Experienced craftsman Saeko Baba was the one who carved the image on the wood, with certified craftsman Hideo Yoshida printing the artwork on the expensive piece of paper. Artist Naoto Watanabe painted the scene, and also oversaw the overall production.

Collab Japan has now opened pre-orders for these artworks, and they will only make 300 of them in total. They will then release them sometime in late January 2020.

source: Comic Natalie