Naoshi Arakawa’s hit title “Your Lie in April” will be getting a musical adaptation in Tokyo in July of 2020. The musical will star Yuuta Koseki and Tatsunari Kimura as “Kousei Arima”, Erika Ikuta as “Kaori Miyazono”, Fuuka Yuzuki as “Tsubaki Sawabe”, and Yuuki Mizuta and Takuto Teranishi as “Ryouta Watari”. Music will be by Frank Wildhorn, libretto by Tracy Miller Schell, Carly Robyn Greenberg, and Frank Wildhorn, arrangement by Jason Howland, and direction by Ikko Ueda.

© Naoshi Arakawa / Toho / Fuji TV

“Your Lie in April” follows the story of music child prodigy Kosei Arima, who had a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital after his mother died. As a result, he is no longer able to hear the sound of his own piano playing. Two years later, Kosei still hasn’t touched the piano and resigns himself to a monotonous existence, when meets fourteen-year-old violinist Kaori Miyazono — whose manic personality helps Kosei return to the music world.