The new basketball anime, Ahiru no Sora, is certainly making some waves this season. And now, DMM’s online store is selling official Ahiru no Sora basketballs from Molten. Each ball will feature super-deformed artworks of Sora, Momoharu, Chiaki, Tobi, and Mokichi.’s online store is now accepting pre-orders.The balls come in two sizes, and they are the regular size 7 balls which professional leagues use, as well as the smaller size 5 balls which children use. The size 7 ball will cost 6,380 yen, while the size 5 ball will cost 4,620 yen.

DMM will then ship out these basketballs in February 2020. As for the anime, it is currently airing as part of the autumn 2019 season. It follows Sora who is a bit too short to be a basketball player. However, once he enters high school, he joins a team that is run by delinquents…

Source: Comic Natalie

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