Square Enix has now aired a brand new TV commercial over the air for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake game. This new TVCM actually runs for around seven minutes. The company even claims that it is the longest CM to broadcast on Japanese TV.

The new video features actor Masataka Kubota (live-action Tokyo Ghoul film) as an office worker who has never even played the original Final Fantasy VII game for the PlayStation. It also features actress Misato Morita (live-action One Week Friends) as his girlfriend. Morita’s character actually played the game with her big brother when she was still a kid. Finally, the video also stars Tetsuji Tamayama (live-action NANA) as a die-hard FF7 fan.

They also released a 13-minute “special edit” of the commercial:

As previously revealed, players can switch from the game’s default battle mode and into the “Classic Mode”, which allows players to fight battles in the original’s turn-based style. However, players can still fill their ATB (active-time battle) gauge, much like the default battle mode.

The game itself will be released in several parts, with the first one only covering the Midgar storyline. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 this 3rd March 2020.