Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko has now launched a brand new official JonoSuba General Character elections. In that poll, fans can vote for their favourite KonoSuba character out of 38 candidates. The Top three winners will then get bonus original stories about them. In fact, KonoSuba author Natsume Akatsuki is writing them himself!

Voting has now begun, and will be going on until 1:00 pm JST on 5th December. Each vote will get the candidate 10 points. However, those voting for Aqua can either vote to give her 10 points or 50 points… which is totally unfair. But then again, she’s Aqua. Who knows what her Axis Cult will do if we don’t press that 50 point button…

Sneaker Bunko’s official website will be releasing the interim results sometime in Mid-November. They will then release the final results in mid-December, with the Top 3 getting those bonus short stories, which will come as bonuses for the next volume of KonoSuba, due for release on 1st January. As for the winner, he or she will star in a special project.

Previously, Megumin took the top spot in the 1st General Elections. But with Aqua getting that 50 point button (which is totally cheating… but this is Aqua so that’s totally in-character), who knows who will win it all this year?

1st General Elections results:

 1. Megumin

 2. Eris

 3. Iris

 4. Aqua

 5. Yunyun

 6. Darkness

 7. Wiz

 8. Kazuma

 9. Komekko

 10. Vanir

source: Sneaker Bunko