Silver Spoon has recently come back from a long hiatus which lasted over a year. And as the manga returned, Shonen Sunday also revealed that the series is also ending very soon. Now, mangaka Hiromu Arakawa has finally broken her silence and explains why she went on so many hiatuses.

The mangaka who is also behind The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and of course, Fullmetal Alchemist, apologised for her frequent hiatuses. She also acknowledged that this was the first time she posted something on the Web Sunday official website since 2015. Finally, she admitted the true reason for the manga’s hiatus woes is because of her other job, which is as a wife and mother. She sats that her husband and child have contracted incurable diseases, and because of that, she has been dealing with high-cost medical care.

As for the manga itself, Arakawa has said that she has already finished all four of Silver Spoon’s final chapters.

She has previously said that she’s planning on ending the series already. However, due to these frequent hiatuses, it seems that it has only prolonged the manga. Hopefully, with Silver Spoon now behind her, she can now focus on what is really important for her.

source: Web Sunday