The Pokemon TV anime will continue with the new TV series, Pocket Monster. It will feature Ash once again, as well as a second protagonist named Gou. And now, staff have revealed a brand new PV and visual for the new anime. It also teases Ash’s Pikachu as a Pichu… waaaay before he met Ash of course.

The first episode of the new anime will act as a prequel of sorts, and will be titled “Birth of Pikachu”. It will al;so showcase scenes from the anime’s very first episode as well.

The video also previews the anime’s new theme song. “1. 2. 3.” by duo After the Rain. As for the anime itself, it premieres 17 November 2019.

Daiki Tomiyasu will be acting as chief director for the anime over at OLM, while Maki odaira will move from being an episode director to being the director. And yes, there are new character designs as well, with Shuuhei Yasuda as character designer. And as previously promised, the new series will be covering every single region, from Kanto to Galar.

source: TV Tokyo official website