Osamu Tezuka is responsible for many classic titles, from Astro Boy to Black Jack. And of of his greatest creations is undoubtedly Phoenix. And now, the franchise is continuing its collaboration with the Dogo Onsen hot spring bath house collaboration. This is part of a revitalization project for the bath house which is situated in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.

Phoenix will actually be returning for an animated PR short for the bath house. They even revealed that comedian Itsuji Itao will join the cast for the second episode. Nana Mizuki is reprising her role as the titular Phoenix.

The second episode’s setting is in the Meiji Era, and the onsen also announced that it will premiere on 1st February. It will feature the Phoenix, as well as literary Japanese figures Masaoka Shiki and Natsume Souseki. Meanwhile, the third episode will happen in the modern day, and they will release it in mid-2020.

source: Comic Natalie