Pop Team Epic mangaka Bkub Okawa has been doing a ton of collaborations lately. And this time, he’s releasing a new 4-koma manga collection in collaboration with the trading card game, WIXOSS. Its title is WIXOSS Bkub Tama Theater, and it features the LRIG, Tama, in the style of Bkub Okawa himself.

Its concept is about “a certain new player buying a booster pack”. It also features Tama interacting with characters depicted in the cards.

As for the manga’s cover, it can also act as a card! In fact, players can use the manga cover can function as a Level 0 LRIG. But then again, it also comes with a limited edition card, “Theory That All The Opponents’ LRIGs Have a Crush on Tama.”

Shogakukan has now released the manga collection in bookstores around Japan.

source: Comic Natalie