In less than a week, the biggest pop culture event is coming to Southeast Asia — direct from Japan! C3AFA Singapore 2019 is scheduled for the 29th of December to 1st December! Check out this year’s I LOVE ANISONG concert at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre!

Welcoming the next decade of the event is AFA Ambassador and one of the world’s biggest Japanese artistes, May’n! We’re so happy to have her take time out to answer a few questions before her Sunday performance.

Welcome back! How does it feel to welcome the next decade of C3AFA Singapore?

It has been 10 years since I myself joined C3AFA. I am inspired by C3AFA which grows year by year, and I am always happy to feel the never-changing warmth that is like a family to me.

This year has been very busy with the release of your 2nd mini album ”Yell”. Can you tell us something about collaborating with LiSA for this mini album?

I felt an enormous sense of relief. It made me think about May’n’s music, live performances, and myself. It’s because I have seen so many things that helped me convey my own songs as well as write my own lyrics.

As for interesting things, maybe it was more of the usual stuff. When we hold discussions about the lyrics, we keep saying “Congratulations on the release! Now let’s go eat some meat!” — because we love meat!

Soon after that, you released “Kiba to Tsubasa”, the ED of the TV anime “Kochoki: Wakaki Nobunaga”. Can you share something interesting about making the single?

I worked with Junichi Sato of fhána for the first time, and the way he uses strings was so wonderful, that I was able to create a song with a world view that had never existed for May’n. I have a good relationship with Sato-san; we share a lot of things in common like wanting to protect stray cats and we both have cats at home — so we always talk about cats!

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In September, you also released your 18th single “graphite/diamond”, the OP of the TV anime “Azure Lane”. Can you share something interesting about making the single?

It’s a really hot live number. As it begins with the lyrics “Keep moving forward”, it’s a powerful number full of belief and preparation. I think it’s important to take a pause and look back on life. However, I also think that I have to make a decision to move forward, and I wanted to make a song that could do that. I wanted a song that could inspire even myself.

C3AFA Singapore 2019 I LOVE ANISONG is here very soon. What can your fans look forward to?

This time, I will be performing together with artistes from my agency Horipro International, so I think it will be like going onstage with my family!

Please give a message to your fans in Singapore and South East Asia.

This year, once again — I’m home! C3AFA is the largest event in Southeast Asia. I also think that this is the highlight of the year — a place where music from the entire year is gonna be a hit. I am looking forward to another passionate stage this year! That’s what I expect!

Let’s welcome back May’n on another hot rocking performance at I LOVE ANISONG stage! Grab your tickets now via!

C3AFA Singapore 2019
29 November to 1 December
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre