Get ready for another star-studded line-up of anisong artistes direct from Japan! I LOVE ANISONG 2019 is slated for the eleventh straight year at C3AFA Singapore from the 29th of November to the 1st of December.

See you all at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, as the incomparable chanteuse TRUE is back on Friday! We’re delighted to be able to talk to her about her personal milestones this year.

Welcome back! What is the one thing you have missed about Singapore?

Without a doubt, I really missed all the Singapore fans! It ’s been 2 years since we saw each other. I prepared really well so that you can see the growth from the previous performance, so please look forward to it! I want to see you all soon! I want to sing soon!

And I love Singaporean food the most in the world! I often go to Singaporean restaurants in Japan, but the authentic taste is different! Chilli crab, cereal prawn, chicken rice — I just miss the food!

You are celebrating your 5th Anniversary with a special series of concerts. Can you share something interesting about the upcoming concert?

Three concerts were slated for my 5th anniversary. The single collection concert featured all my previous singles, and a fan selection concert had a setlist decided by fan votes — these concerts are finished, and the next one is a strings concert in December. My goal was to make my 5th anniversary a milestone, not just to mark the passage of time, but for me to try to make it to my sixth year and beyond.

This is our first attempt at a strings concert. We will perform with only a piano and a string quartet]. I think that the vocal skills that I have worked on over the past five years can be demonstrated clearly, and I hope the fans can look forward to a more expansive vocal experience.

Speaking of symphony instruments, if given the chance to learn a new instrument, what would it be and why?

I think that “your voice is the best instrument”, but I’m still interested in giving it a go! I only use the piano only for pitch, but I think it would be fun if I could play it more freely. And thanks to “Sound! Euphonium,” I am very interested in wind instruments. It may be more difficult to show off to the fans, but I want to learn so that I am able to communicate with other performers more smoothly.

© Ayano Takeda · Takarajima / “Hibike!” Production Committee

We follow you on Instagram and saw that you now have a pet rabbit named  “Tsumugi”. Can you share something interesting about your pet?

She is a one-year-old female Holland Lop. She is quite moody! She doesn’t like being approached from the front and cuddled. However, every day I give her treats and try to get her used to being held hahaha! Once or twice a month I bring her to the groomers, which is the only time she is well behaved and lets others hold her!

C3AFASG 2019 I LOVE ANISONG is here very soon. What can your fans look forward to?

Once again, I’ve been given plenty of time on stage, so I hope the fans can enjoy everything — from ballads to up-tempo songs! I’ve had a lot more experience since my previous performance, and there are so many things I want to convey to you. I will give everything I have to each song, and I hope you all welcome it with open arms!

Please give a message to your fans in Singapore and South East Asia.

Thank you for your constant support! Your voices of warm support have reached me all the way in Japan. I feel very encouraged in my musical endeavours. It’s a bit hard to meet often, but I want to cherish the time I can spend with you. Let’s have a wonderful time again!

Congratulations again to TRUE on the fifth anniversary of her debut! We can’t wait to see you on stage at LOVE ANISONG It’s not yet too late to purchase your tickets now via!

C3AFA Singapore 2019
29 November to 1 December
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre