The Houkago Saikoro Club TV anime is making people play tabletop board games more and more. The series has definitely sparked the interest in tabletop games again, and it also teaches viewers on how to play these games.

And much like many anime, the series also uses real-life places as inspiration for its setting. In particular, the members of the Houkago Saikoro Club live in Kyoto and its surrounding areas. And the anime has featured many real-life areas from Kyoto.

Wilhelm Donko from Crunchyroll actually went to some of these places. For those he wasn’t able to visit personally, he actually found them via Google Street View. The places which the anime featured include the Keage Incline (image above), as well as as well as other places like the Spiral Brick Tunnel, Nanzenji Temple, the former Gosho Water Pumping Facility, the Kyoto City Zoo, the Gion Tatsumi Bridge, and many more.

The girls also took a trip to Kanazawa, and the anime featured a few real-life locations as well. These include the Drum Gate, the Omicho Fresh Food Market, Oyama Shrime, and the Nomura Samurai House.

Houkago Saikoro Club, which is also known as After School Dice Club in English, is now airing as part of the autumn 2019 season.

images via : Crunchyroll