With recent incidences regarding threats towards celebrities and animation studios, agencies and authorities are now taking them very seriously. And now, the latest one to get a threat is seiyuu and live-action actress Ayumi Ito.

Ito voices Tifa Lockheart in Final Fantasy VII: Remake, as well as Kingdom Hearts II. She also appears in live-action TV shows and films as well. However, she has garnered several haters, including a woman who is in her 20’s. That woman sent a threatening letter to her agency, stating that she will stab the Final Fantasy seiyuu.

Unfortunately, this ain’t the only threat that Ito has received. Apparently, another one, a man in his 30’s, also sent a letter demanding that”the company behind the Final Fantasy series” replace her as Tifa.

Both threats threatened her with stabbing, though it seemed that both suspects don’t know each other. Charges have been filed against both suspects.

source: The Sankei News