The Tokyo Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro has previously partnered up with other anime, manga, and video game franchises for special collaborations. Now, So-Zo (not to be confused with Sozo which runs our page) has announced that their latest anime rooms will feature My Hero Academia! This is to help promote the upcoming My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising movie.

They will be offering the rooms between 7th December and 29th February, and will feature two package. The first package is just a normal stay at one of the original rooms, while the second package will feature the staying package plus merchandise. Accomodations for a single-person room costs 26,000 yen for the staying package, and 13,800 yen per person for staying in the 3-person room. As for the rooms themselves, they will feature a living room with decorations inspired by Class 1-A students, while the bedroom itself is inspired by Deku’s own room at his house.

As for the original goods set, it will include pop-up card, a toothbrush set, a metal key holder, and a pass case. Visitors can take home all these items.

But that’s not all, because Deku is also inspiring his own drink for the hotel. The drink will boast Deku’s colors and promises to be refreshing as well.

Previously, the Prince Hotel collaborated with Fate/Grand Order, as well as Touken Ranbu. They also teamed up with Gintama, as well as other franchises.

source: Prince Hotel Official Website