On its second decade, C3AFA Singapore 2019 is pulling out all the stops, with all-new stages and experience zones! Check it out this 29th November to 1st December at the Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre!

If you’re looking to a challenge, then we certainly have one for you! Odex is inviting everyone to “Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Selection Exam” — where you team up with friends (or strangers!) in a test of mind and body to be a ninja!

The SO Japan team gave the Exam a try in a super-secret location, and here are some tips we can share so you can pass with flying colours!

Make friends with your teammates!

For the entire team of six — who could be friends or strangers — to pass, you need to cooperate with each other. Say hi, talk about how you got into “Naruto,” or mention something you’re really good at. Otherwise, you will all fail!

Divide and conquer!

Assign a specific task to a particular person! Some tasks need to be broken up to three or four parts, so by assigning one person to do just one thing for their team of six, everyone will have an easier time.

Play up to your strengths!

In connection with the previous tip, assign tasks based on a person’s strengths! It could be memorization, math, athleticism — it all comes into play, so it’s easier for everyone to divey up the tasks based on talent or skill.

Don’t overthink it!

Our team almost failed one of the tests because we came up with a complicated solution that was totally off the mark. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one!

Follow the crowd!

The test is not just held inside the Examination zone, but all across the Exhibition hall as well. So when in doubt, follow the crowd of other examinees — they may already know something you don’t!

So, consider yourselves well-equipped, and give the “Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Selection Exam” a go! Tickets are available now but selling fast via the ODEX site ticketing site. Online tickets come with a special gift pack not available to walk-in buyers.

See you all at “Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Selection Exam and may the best Hokage win!

C3AFA Singapore 2019
29 November to 1 December
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre