The story of ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel anime film trilogy will be coming to an end with the third and final film, “Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel III. spring song”. And now, Aniplex has revealed that none other than Aimer will be performing its theme song!

The song’s title is “Haru wa Yuku”, and will serve as Aimer’s 18th single.

Yuki Kujiura, who composed and produced the theme songs for the two previous Heven’s Feel films, also worked on this one. They will release it on 25th March.

ufotable will once again be animating the film, much like the two previous ones. Its story will pick up where the second film, lost butterfly, left off. The trilogy adapts the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel’s Heaven’s Feel storyline, which is of course Sakura Matoh’s route.

The film will premiere sometime in spring 2020.

source: Aniplex