After inspiring fans to go to the great outdoors and head to the mountains, Comic Earth Star magazine announced that Shiro’s Encouragement of Climb (Yama no Susume) manga is getting a new anime project. They specifically said that the TV anime adaptation is the one that’s getting a new project, and not the manga.

Unfortunately, it only stated that the TV anime will have a new project. We still don’t know if it’s a fourth season, a new film, or a new OVA. However, do expect the staff to reveal more details soon. But given the impact the anime has had in getting people outdoors, this new project being a fourth season is really not impossible.

The series follows the acrophobic Aoi, who hates heights and prefers to stay indoors. However, with the urging of her childhood friend, Hinata, they decide to climb a mountain together to relive a precious memory.

The manga received three TV anime seasons, as well as an OVA. It also has a live-action stage adaptation, which ran in Saitama back in May as well.

source: Comic Earth Star Twitter Page