The collaboration we never expected is continuing, and this time, they’re introducing T-shirts! Japanese fashion shop Loveless is collaborating with Both Gundam and Hello Kitty, and they’re introducing new T-shirt and Hoodie designs, as well as new tote bags.

The hoodies recreate a moment from the original 1979 anime where Char is drinking. Well, let’s just say Hello Kitty is doing the exact same thing. There’s also an Amuro version of these hoodies as well. Each one costs 18,000 yen plus tax.

There are also new T-shirt designs, and each shirt costs 9,000 yen plus tax. Meanwhile, the caps and the tote bags cost 5,000 yen each.

Loveless and Guild Prime shops all over Japan, as well as the Loveless online store are now selling these new collaboration merchandise.

Source: Anime! Anime!