Kuroko’s Basketball Mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki is back! This time, the mangaka is also returning to Weekly Shounen Jump with a new work. This new manga would be a one-shot, and “Kitsune Biyori no Konjirou”. It will feature 47 pages, including a center color page.

Unlike his previous and most successful work, Kuroko’s Basketball, this one is a historical manga. It will appear in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s combined 6th and 7th issue, which hits stores on Saturday, 4th January.

Fujimaki finished Kuroko’s Basketball in 2014, then released a follow-up, Kuroko’s Basketball: Final Game that same year. It wrapped up in 2016, before Fujimaki launched another title, Robot × Laserbeam, in 2017. That manga also ended its run as well, finishing with seven volumes back in 2018.

source: Shonen Jump