Get ready for more dirty jokes and student council hilarity, as Tozen Ujiie’s Seitokai Yakuindomo manga is getting a brand new anime movie! Kodansha announced that The Klockworx Co., Ltd. will be releasing the film on 10th July, and they even unveiled a new key visual:

Much of the cast from the TV anime and the previous film as returning to reprise their roles. Of course, this includes the titular and wacky student council itself, which comprises of Satomi Satou as Aria Shichijou, Sayuri Yahagi as Suzu Hagimura, ShintarouAsanuma as Takatoshi Tsuda, and Youko Hikasa as Shino Amakusa. The staff also announced that Miho Okasaki is joining the cast as Yuu Hirose.

Director Hiromitsu Kanazawa is also returning to hel, the project, with GoHands once again producing the animation. Meanwhile, Makoto Furuta is returning as character designer and chief animation director.

Seitokai Yakuindomo is set in Oosai Academy, a school which was a former all-girls school which recently integrated. However, girls still outnumber the boys, and Takatoshi Tsuda suddenly finds himself as student council vice president. Hilarity ensues.

source: MoCa News