The Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul film’s official website has now dropped several major announcements. First, they revealed that MYTH&ROID is performing the anime film’s theme song, Forever Lost, which composer Kevin Penkin arranged just for the film.

In addition, the staff also announced that they’re also releasing four new animated shorts. Titled “Marulk’s Everday,” these shorts will be tying into the main film’s story.

They will debut every week in the four weeks leading uo to the film’s release. And as it turns out, this stemmed from an April Fool’s Joke the anime released back in 1st April. However, the real joke was that they’re actually moving forward with the shorts and it wasn’t a one-off April Fool’s Joke.

The film will be released in Japan on 17 January 2019. Mariya Ise will be reprising her role as Reg, while Miyu Tomita is also returning as Riku. Shiori Izawa is also reprising her role as Nanashi in the film, and they round out the three main characters, Meanwhile, Inori Minase is joining the cast as Prushka (seen in the first visual with Riku), while Toshiyuki Morikawa will return as Bondrewd. Kinema Citrus will once again animate the film, while Masayuki Kojima is directing it.

Sentai Film Works describes the story as:

Dawn of the Deep Soul continues the epic adventure of plucky Riko and Reg who are joined by their new friend Nanachi. Together they descend into the Abyss’ treacherous fifth layer, the Sea of Corpses, and encounter the mysterious Bondrewd, a legendary White Whistle whose shadow looms over Nanachi’s troubled past. Bondrewd is ingratiatingly hospitable, but the brave adventurers know things are not always as they seem in the enigmatic Abyss…

source: MoCa News