App Annie has now released the big winners for mobile apps for 2019. And according to their data, an anime game actually earned the highest in terms of consumer spending. That app is Fate/Grand Order which took the Top spot in games, while dating app Tinder took the top spot for apps.

Well, I guess FGO staff are going whaling a lot more now…

FGO may be free-to-play, but the mobile game is famous for the many rare servants featuring famous historical character. And because of this, players would actually spend a lot of money just to get the character they want. People call these players as “Whales,” and FGO has been the biggest market for them this year.

App Annie also released other results, such as Breakout App of the year, as well as the Top 10 Games of the world.

The results are global, so it’s not just in Japan or the United States. In other words, FGO has been whaling in international waters, and not just in Japan.

The App Annie report also stated that “Consumer spending is set to rise 15% faster to $90 billion in 2019.”

source: Business of Apps