The Type-Moon Museum finally opened at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum. And last weekend, visitors received two very special items. One is a mini-guide which focuses more on the exhibits, and the other is the Fate/unpublished material booklet. This new booklet also features Mash’s prototype character, a “Shielder” named Tachie.

The Fate/unpublished material booklet is sort of like the “Fate/Prototype”, which featured Type-Moon’s originally-planned male Saber King Arthur and his female master. They released the original plans as the 12-minute animated Fate/Prototype short, which came bundled with the final Blu-ray volume of Carnival Phantasm.

As for Proto-Shielder, she really does look like Mash Kyrielight. Though as to why Type-Moon decided to change her name and hair color, they did not say.

The Type-Moon museum celebrates Fate/Stay Night’s 15th anniversary. It is now running at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum until 5th April.

It is currently featuring the “Fate” portion of the exhibition until 20th January. It will then show the “Unlimited Blade Works” portion, which will run from 23rd January until 24th February.

Finally, its “Heaven’s Feel” portion will run from 27th February until 5th April 2020.

source: Type-Moon Museum