Yet another Yoshitoki Oima manga is getting a TV anime adaptation!! After the runaway success of Kyoto Animation’s A Silent Voice film, NHK has announced that Oima’s Fumetu no Anata he / To Your Eternity fantasy manga is also getting an anime adaptation. This time, it will be a TV anime, with NHK Educational airing it.

NHK’s Anime World describes the story as:

Fushi was originally a ball thrown into the ground. He has the ability to transform into an object that has been stimulated and the ability to regenerate after death. From a ball to a small stone, to a wolf and to a boy, he wanders around like a baby, knowing nothing. Eventually, he is taught how to live by the people he meets, learn about warm feelings, and grows up by imitating human beings. The fierce battles against his fateful enemy, Knocker, and parting with his beloved ones…, it tells an eternal journey of Fushi, who chooses his way of life and lives powerfully.

The channel also revealed that the series will begin airing sometime in October. Unfortunately, they did not yet reveal any further details, such as cast and staff.

Given Oima’s dramatic style, expect some feels on this one, And yes, better get some tissues ready as well.

Source: NHK Anime World official website