Marvelous AQL’s Bakumatsu Rock franchise has some big news for fans of Bakumatsu-era rockers fighting idols. This is because the franchise is getting a new sequel project titled Bakumatsu Rock Hollow Soul. They even released a brand new visual. A bit of a warning though, as from this point on, we’re gonna discuss some spoilers!

The story of this sequel project is set five years after Sakamoto Ryouma and the others have already overthrown the oppressive Tokugawa Shogunate, which has been having a tight grip on music. The Shogunate has been subjugating people who love rock music by using idols, and brainwashing people with their “Heavenly Songs”. Sakamoto Ryouma would then lead a revolution with other rockers, to overthrow the shogunate and its idols.

This new sequel project includes a new manga Akira Kazumiya, which launches on 26th January for the Comic Polca website. Marvelous AQL will be announcing more details about the other media related to this sequel project soon.

The original franchise first launched as a PSP game in 2014. It then received a popular TV anime adaptation that same year. It also inspired several 2.5D play adaptations as well.

Source: Comic Natalie